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SediRack On-line

Sedirack Online 1.jpg

SediRack Online, is an instrument designed to perform audits in thickeners of mining plants to determine the behavior and efficiency of the water recovery process and define necessary corrections for optimal performance.

The instrument process on-line samples of flocculated material directly from the exit of the feedwell to carry out sedimentation tests and obtain its speed.

Currently, to establish the behavior of a thickener, sampling is carried out, which is analyzed later in a metallurgical laboratory, with slow response times.


The SediRack Online allows to determine in 15 minutes or less the conditions of optimal operation of an industrial thickener, maximizing the water recovery and flocculant saving. In addition, it allows remote permanent monitoring of variables such as dilution, sedimentation speed, and selection and dosage of flocculant.

Sedirack Online - 1 floculante 2 dosis
Sedirack Online - 2 floculante 1 dosis
Sedirack Online 3
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